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Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 14.0

Protects servers and web applications from various types of threats
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Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner is intended to help network administrators and web developers protect servers and applications from various types of threats. The program can perform scans to evaluate how secure a given network is. In this respect, it specializes in detecting problems that compromise the security of web applications. The program offers a kind of protection that you cannot get from firewalls. It is mainly intended to prevent web attacks, which are carried out via HTTP and therefore cannot be blocked by other means.

Despite the evident complexities of the code running “under the hood” of such type of program, Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner does not make the user feel overwhelmed, mainly thanks to its intuitive graphical design. In this respect, you should know that the program’s GUI is only accessible through your web browser.

The tool lets you build a list of target websites, which you can organize into groups. Then, you should enter various parameters like scan speed and login data. Furthermore, for the program to work as expected, you should also provide such information as crawling agent, credentials, and certificates.

According to its developers, the product can detect more than 4500 web application vulnerabilities. Likewise, it can spot critical vulnerabilities with high accuracy. It also uses AcuSensor technology to gather information about PHP or .NET web applications. Moreover, the tool is effective in detecting code injection and execution. The scanner can discover potential vulnerabilities related to folder permissions. Similarly, the tool scans ports to find those that have been accidentally left open. In general, the software received positive reviews from its users and there is no claim about these statements being false.

The program creates various types of reports. In this regard, there are general reports in which vulnerabilities that affect development are highlighted. Besides, there is a more specific type of report specifically meant to reflect compatibility with security standards.

All in all, there is no doubt that Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner belongs to the must-have group of security software. It provides strong protection against many types of menaces and vulnerabilities. The product is shareware and its trial version can be evaluated for 14 days. Regrettably, it does not show a complete report of each vulnerability.

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  • Provides protection you cannot get from firewalls
  • Detects a wide range of vulnerabilities
  • Scasn open-source software and custom-built applications
  • Detects practically all critical vulnerabilities
  • Creates many types of reports
  • Allows providing credentials


  • Not intended for the common user
  • The trial version does not show all the data related to vulnerabilities
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